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Mediterranean Desserts & Savory Food

The Story of So Delight

An online homemade Mediterranean dessert and savory food store that delivers in most of Florida, from Baklava to Kunafa to Arabic Cheese Bread to new creations and much more.
We offer savory and desserts delivery to your house within 3 business days from order day. We are open every day from 08:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

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Beef Bi Ajeen with meditteranean salad and garlic sauce

Savory Mediterranean Cuisine in Orlando

Enjoy the authentic taste of Halal Mediterranean food and desserts in Orlando with So Delight. With a specialty in making baklava, Kunafa, and Basbousa in Orlando. Our delectable dessert pastry is crafted with delicate filo pastry layers, filled with chopped nuts, and complemented with syrup, icing, or honey. Every single morsel reflects our commitment to excellence.

We use Turkish pistachios, premium cashews, and walnuts to prepare Mediterranean baklava brushed with melted butter. Discover our delightful range of desserts, including Cheese Kunafa, Cream Baklava, Mango Kunafa, Basbousa, and more. Enjoy our convenient delivery service or pick up your order from the Publix parking lot near Hunter's Creek in Orlando.

Mediterranean Dessert in Orlando

Indulge your sweet tooth with our delectable dessert menu! Our freshly-baked Arabic desserts are crafted with ethically sourced premium ingredients and nuts. Enjoy a sweet treat with our bestsellers, such as Pistachio Baklava, Custard Kunafa, and Cream Baklava. Our desserts are homemade with traditional cooking methods to ensure an authentic experience.

Cream Baklava with pistachio and cheese

Get in Touch

Experience the authentic flavor of homemade Mediterranean desserts with So Delight. We prepare our homemade desserts with high-quality ingredients. Customers can place online orders through our website. You can also get in touch with us via the chat feature on our website, social media channels, email, and phone. 

Tel: (407) 305-4155  email us at

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Cream Kunafa with mixed nuts and cheese
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